Thursday, November 06, 2008

F L U X U S in A B E R Y S T W Y T H

On Saturday November 28th 1968 the UK's seminal FLUXUS event happened in Aberystwyth- the Flux concert organised by Brian Lane, Rainbow Day and the Dream Machine in what was then the parish hall and is now the Castle Theatre.

40 years on almost to the day Aberystwyth will be restaging the Fluxconcert with an evening of the original Flux scores, culminating in a leaflet concert.

Using the event's original abstract face logo I have re-designed the poster for the 2008 event.

Currently I am working on providing a recreation of Brian Lane's original leaflets,
44 beautifully finished typographical works to be launched into the air from high up
in the Castle Theatre by Rich's mechanic constructions - biscuit tin catapults,tennis racket propulsions and hair dryer propelled tikka tape.

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